We’re on a mission to unlock creativity and community in the game industry by decreasing the barriers to launching multiplayer online games. 

After working for over a decade on some of the world’s largest games, we set out to create our own game. We quickly realized that creating an online persistent multiplayer game took a lot of time, even for the most experienced teams, and the barriers were far too great.

The cost of this was that some games were dead on arrival because of all the scale issues they ran into, some games never even attempted to create a multiplay experience, and some games ending up overspending by millions and millions of dollars because of how complex creating a scalable platform from scratch was.

With this in mind, we pivoted to creating a world class platform that all developers would have access to and we wanted to build this in a way that was easy to use, scalable, and fully owned by studios. We did this because no platform can serve 100% of a games needs.

We’ve all been playing games our whole lives, and we realize that the two most impactful things about games are the stories that are told, and the community that is built. We hope to one day unlock millions of new great stories that we can enjoy with our friends. Pragma is currently working with a small handful of customers, but will be opening up in a private beta later in 2020.